4 Ways to Push Your Brand to the World Cup Fans

By Rachel Lee, the resident writer on Fantasy4all.com.

Fans of The Beautiful Game are already engaging in pre-World Cup activities to prepare for the biggest sporting event of the world this June.With a viewership of 3.2 billion in the last World Cup, with almost 800 million for the finals alone, it is the perfect avenue for media and brands’ exposure. Unfortunately, above the line methods like halftime commercials can only do so much, as it is limited, and viewers simply switch to other activities during commercial breaks – or watch uninterrupted matches online. However, there are always opportunities that not only increase brand awareness and engagement, but also bring consumers back to traditional media, as listed below:

Reach out to world cup fans

1. Run a World Cup Fantasy Football game

Having limited commercial spots does not mean less user engagement. In fact, running a fantasy game that associates World Cup with your brand fits right in with the digital crowd. By offering prizes, hidden points, level-ups, and other gamification, your brand not only gets users’ attention, but users also get educated about your products and services. Moreover, fantasy sports is known to increase TV viewership – which helps with bringing viewers back to your media. Fantasy games are also seen to have received 3 times more page views on top of retaining users longer. In addition, users that share their game progress to social media also help spread the word on your brand.

2. Engage World Cup fans who are always on the go

Smart phone penetration is now more than 70 per cent globally, and you should use that to your advantage. Be the brand that is in tune with fans’ needs - provide mobile apps that allow fans to update themselves and others on the World Cup with a tap of the thumb, on the go. Get one step further by including fantasy team management in the app as well. This way, you not only get World Cup fans to use your app, your brand gets shared; as using apps these days is a convenience that requires little to no effort.

3. Integrate World Cup contests to the campaign

Reward fans for their interest and loyalty by offering a variety of contests - you could either run contests for your followers to compete among themselves in a fantasy game; you can even have your brand’s fantasy teams and compete directly with fans. This would increase the spirit of camaraderie among your consumers as well as improve the brand-consumer bond.

4. Send your biggest fans to Brazil

Prizes could be used as additional motivators; they could be as small as extra points for daily or weekly, to brand products, merchandise or services for longer periods. The biggest catch, of course, would be sending the fan to the World Cup matches. Having timed prizes (weekly, monthly, grand prizes) also increase the frequency of your brand’s name mentioned in social media. It is indeed clear brands get more engagement online. Take charge of the marketing reigns in the opportunities lying within the highly engaging fantasy games and mobile applications. Contact info@fantasy4all.com today to maximize your brand’s World Cup engagement.