Dear Sook Teng, you are blacklisted

This is a brain-storming post.

I really thought you are Sook Teng - a female.

Unfortunately, not only that you are not a female, you are also blacklisted by McAfee Site Advisor as suspicious.

Received a comment from Sook Teng who turns out to be a website

Attempted to visit the website's URL ended up with warning from McAfee

McAfee reported the site as suspicious

Here is what I make out of it:

The stakeholders engaged SEO services which subject to perform comment injection into blogs and forums. As a result of this, the site was reportedly blacklisted by 'authority'.

Hence, if you are stakeholders of Song Teng Inc, you ought to check it out - you should contact McAfee to clear your name.

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As a suggestion, I reckon that you can contact social medias to help clear your name.