ESI : Communication and Project Leadership Skills after project management

Press release - Singapore - 7 Apr 2014:

ESI International, the world's leading project management training company, today announced the key findings of its inaugural Asia Pacific Project Management Salary Survey, which was conducted with over 600 project management managers across multiple industry sectors in Asia Pacific, spanning China, Hong Kong, India, Australia and New Zealand, as well as Southeast Asia nations including Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In addition to uncovering salary trends across countries, the study also aims to examine the factors impacting salary improvement, employment outlook, and critical competencies hiring managers look for when recruiting project management professionals.
  • Countries with the highest and lowest mean monthly salary recorded: Across all industries, roles, and experience levels, Australia emerged as the country with the highest mean monthly salary registered within the project management profession (USD11,350), followed by New Zealand (USD9,161), Hong Kong (USD7,500), Singapore (USD7,033), Malaysia (USD4,316), China (USD3,663), India (USD3,453) and Indonesia (USD3,428).
  • Only 9 per cent of respondents were specialised in Agile project management: Project management professionals across Asia Pacific have the most experience in programme management (24 per cent), traditional or Waterfall project management (20 per cent), and project portfolio management (19 per cent), regardless of the industries they are in. While only 9 per cent of survey respondents were specialised in Agile, organisations in regulated industries, such as the financial services sector, are increasingly turning to Agile to align business needs with IT and meet regulatory compliance.