Social Intelligence Quotient (SQ) Emerges as Newest Measurement for Organisational Workforce Readiness

Press release - Apr 14, 2014

Today, Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group (‘KellyOCG’) announces that ‘Social Intelligence’ (SQ) has emerged strongly as the latest quotient for dynamism, competitiveness and growth of businesses.

According to its survey findings of ASEAN’s Executive Outlook Survey 2014, Malaysian SMEs are perceived as ranked amongst the highest in terms of being Socially Intelligent Organisations, even as compared to other ASEAN countries. Malaysian SMEs also surprisingly revealed themselves to be the most highly SQ-driven, as compared to larger multinational companies, conglomerates and government agencies.

KellyOCG further highlights that this is a direct result of:- a) more Gen-Y hires that make up the SMEs’ workforce and thus driving them to be more highly ranked as SIOs, and b) the higher level of entrepreneurial spirit and agility that drives SQ in Malaysian SMEs. Furthermore, there are more than 23% of the organisations who consider themselves SIOs are predicting significant growth for their businesses.

Details, infographic.