CommVault: Driving through the Third Platform with a single platform

In response to the contributed article by CommVault entitled Driving smart data management in the ‘third platform’ era.

Here are the summaries:

Basically, the third platform is referring to the trend of Big Data, cloud, mobility and social; as compared to 1st - mainframe and 2nd - PC.

The third platform major challenge : data growth - third platform will increase the burden of IT departments which will cut through business profits because they have a role in finding new customers, handling escalating operations costs, and innovating to retain competitive edge.

Sub challenges:

1.) Complexity of data management strategy

2.) Optimization of secondary storage tier

3.) Security - the need for a single platform which performs consolidation of all data in a single repository, which improves visibility, thus benefiting the organization in the case of lost data or leakage.

The article recommends enterprises to adopt CommVault’s single platform solution, Simpana, can effectively help to address ongoing data management requirements which effectively performs protecting, archiving, replicating, searching, and locating data.

In my opinion, the SME is likely going to be the biggest winner when it comes to adoption of third platform. The reason is because enterprises usually have larger budget to manage multi-vendor environment and would take longer time to adopt a trend.

When it comes to SMEs, everyday is about gmail, google drive, dropbox, social networking and etc.