CA : Global Study Reveals that the Role of IT Continues to Shift Towards Enabling Innovation

Press Release - Jun 11, 2014

According to a new study by CA Technologies, “TechInsights Report: The Changing Role of IT and What to Do About It,” CIOs in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) lead the world in viewing IT as “very strategically important” or “fundamental” to the business.

The study also confirms what many in the industry have suspected: as the role of IT is increasingly seen as supporting business, the IT spend is growing within other lines of business.

More than one-third (36 percent) of IT spend is now happening outside of the IT department in APJ organizations. This clearly demonstrates the transformation of technology from a centrally-managed IT responsibility to corporate-wide business enabler and redefines how technology is purchased, deployed and used. And, within three years, the amount of IT spending controlled by lines of business is expected to swell to 45 percent.

The consequences for IT leaders are enormous. They must now become senior advisors who not only manage but also influence and strategically guide a corporation’s IT investments.

As business transformation driven by software becomes the norm and businesses use new applications to engage their employees and customers, the role of IT in APJ organizations will start to shift more rapidly towards enabling and accelerating this trend

The study reveals that activities such as developing new, innovative products/services (13 percent) and driving new business initiatives (21 percent) are not top of mind with most IT departments in APJ. Instead, traditional IT duties top the list—ensuring the organization’s critical data is secure (45 percent), providing technology support to employees (38 percent), and maintaining infrastructure and applications (36 percent).

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