Citrix: What is the next generation networks ?

According to a published press release by Citrix, the next generation networks should be a fully automated, broadly dynamic network infrastructure, capable of accommodating virtually any requirement users throw at it.

At least that is what Mark Micallef, Area Vice President, ASEAN opined.

Mark Micallef, Area Vice President, Citrix ASEAN

The article narrates that non-SDN networks are fragile not because they work inefficiently, they are also rigid and not scalable. As a result, every small requirement users throw at it requires huge efforts and planning for roll-out.

Therefore, managing non-SDN networks tends to be more costs intensive trading-off the so-called conventional stability.

When such is the reality, misconfiguration may convolute the entire networks and costs more money.

To solution is to make the network more app-aware and app-focus - do not treat every application with the same policy and priority.

In other to do that, Mark Micallef recommended 4 steps:

1.) Leverage Software Defined Networking (SDN) and equip IT with app-driven control

The first thing is to implement SDN which will enable moving the control panel from hardware to software.

2.) Consolidate automated delivery and orchestration of apps

Control application delivery from a single reference.

3.) Tighten security with granular security and control policies

When you have SDN with centralized, application control, security and policy control can be managed more easily.

4.) A smarter network for the virtualized world

When you have a better control of the network, deploying a hybrid enterprise network architecture consists of physical and cloud-based infrastructure will be easier.