PIKOM ICT Job Market Salary 2013 Reports and 2014 Outlook (Malaysia)

Based on a press release presented by PIKOM in collaboration with MDeC.

Salary increased by 7.2% from RM 6,673 in 2012 to RM 7,152 in 2013.

This upward trend is projected to increase by 8.7% to RM 7,776 by 2014.

The figure of RM 7,152 was derived from the gross of average of summation of average salary from 5 different groups of employees: fresh graduates, junior executive, senior executive, middle management and senior management.

In my personal opinion, this figure is not just accurate, it also serves as a good benchmark for the ideal salary for the ICT industry.

Due to the nature that the senior management group sits on top of the pyramid, it means that high flyers would have earned more than this figure while those in the SMEs should aim for this amount.

I also think that if you are going on a self-employed mode, this is a good benchmark of the money you should earn for yourself in other to level with others, especially when it comes to compete with those who work in multi-nationals.

Hence, we thank PIKOM for this yearly report.

The biggest pay masters are still oil and gas companies whilst the best paid job is project manager - the lowest paid job remains as web designer.

Another important fact to take note is that companies with more than 2000 employees tend to pay close to 2 times more than a company with less than 10 employees - for the same job capacity.

This explains why many in Malaysia tend to become self-employed and therefore it gave rise to the SME economic nature of the country.

Finally, job skills in growing demands are those related to numeracy, statistics and analytics.