Before Google Maps, there was Esri; Now Geotrigger

I thought this press release is rather interesting because it kind of electrified the neurons in my brain and allows me to walk down the memory lanes - indeed, I remember vividly the brand name Esri, I thought it went hibernating for a while and it feels like decades.

Before Google Maps, there was Esri. I have seen Esri application, they were selling GIS software.

Google Maps came in and pushed everybody aside, that was around year 2005, before iOS and Android phones were even available.

Esri now introduces geotrigger technology.

It is a technology which empowers personalised instant alerts to be triggered by virtual boundaries and sent directly to consumers’ smartphones are the new weapon being investigated by retailers to gain a competitive edge.

The technology targets retail stores, using smartphones to entice customers into their stores and make an immediate purchase.

Isn't that interesting ?

How it works is that retail store owners will have to engage mobile app developer to develop a mobile app which will make use of the Geotrigger SDKs and API by Esri. Once installed by users, the mobile app will trigger alerts, promotions, time-sensitive discounts or loyalty bonuses to potential customers as soon as they are near the stores.

According to the content (copy directly) from

Other use cases for Geotrigger Service includes:

  • Notify citizens about road closures, emergencies, or public safety warnings based on their past or current location.
  • Inform tourists about interesting places as they explore your city, theme park, etc.
  • Engage customers with personalized content or deals the moment they enter a store—or a set amount of time after they have dwelled there.
  • Send a message to prospective home buyers when they’re near properties that match their search criterion.
  • Optimize customer service by notifying employees when a customer who just ordered something from your mobile app arrives at your store to pick up the item.
Oh ya, by the way, after iOS and Android became popular, Google Maps became GPS enabled and there was Waze too.

All these remind me of an article I wrote last year (2013): Mobile IM Line and WeChat Compete for Malaysian Market Share; in the article, based on my own analysis and conclusions, I reasoned why iOS overtook Blackberry in terms of market share and popularity - Blackberry was leading.

And I couldn't be that far from the truth perimeter - Blackberry's BBM has been made opened for all mobile platforms of late.

For your information, on Aug 1, 2014, it was announced that BBM was made available to Windows Phone platform.

What I am saying is - in my opinion - BBM started the smartphone revolution, but it was  iOS and Android who later became more popular. Why ? because BBM at that time was only restricted to the Blackberry platform.

In retrospect, it seems like history could repeat itself -  Esri (GIS) to Google Maps to Waze and now looks like the Geotrigger technology can lasso back the market shares.

Just my thoughts - don't be too serious - I vote NO to Internet censorship.

By the way, Esri Geotrigger doesn't come totally free - it is a business you know!