Dealing with Sales Call Harassment

Yes, it is without a doubt, sales call has always been annoying and to certain extend qualified for harassment.

For example, your trusted bank's insurance tele-sales department call you up to sell you insurance that you don't need and they want to close the sales on the spot by attempting to read the 10 pages terms and condition to you through the phone.

As a bank, they knew that you are not entitled to claim for personal accident's death benefits if your death does not result from accident, yet they pressed on and on.
Whoscall main screen showing unknown caller IDs

In my humblest opinion, this is not consulting nor personal financial servicing, this is purely hard-selling and bullying.

I recently found an Android app which helps to deal with such headache: whoscall, a mobile app which identifies unknown callers and provides features for blacklisting blocking.

It works side by side with your Android's phone book, call history - it reads your call history and categorizes calls, sms/mms into 4 categories: blocked, unknown, known contact and favorite.

By leveraging on the unknown category, one would be able to figure out the identity of the uninvited caller or sms/mms originator based on information contributed by community.

The best feature which I favor is the phone number search feature which allows input of phone number as search query, something which my existing Android version 4.4.4 hasn't yet cater. The search will output information of the number, be it a number of your known contact or unknown contact, alongside other contributed information from the community associated with the caller ID.

The core feature of Whoscall is real-time alerts for calls and sms/mms originated from the following categories; after which one may want to resort to blocking the the caller.
  • Sales/Ads
  • Frequently blocked
  • Customer service
  • Harassment
  • Unwelcome

Another feature is the big data capability which it will feedback more information of a caller (based on caller ID and phone number) from the Internet.

The features which I anticipate for the future are:
  • Phone call recording
  • Automated response - standard answering
  • Tagging a phone number from your contact list - tagging is only available after the caller called in and conversation ended

Whoscall is free and available to download from Google Play.