Blue Coat Reveals Security Risks From “One-Day Wonders” Websites

Press release - Kuala Lumpur - Sep 3, 2014

Blue Coat launches its latest security report which revealed that over 70 percent (470 million) Websites exist for only less than 24 hours and 22 percent of these ‘one-day’ Websites are used to facilitate cyber-attacks.
Ivan Wen

The report titled "One-Day Wonders: How Malware Hides Among the Internet's Short-Lived Websites" highlighted the following core findings:-
  1. Pornography website remains the most high-volume creators of One-Day Wonders and often these One-Day Wonders are malicious and used by cybercriminals taking advantage of the site.
  2. The largest generators of One-Day wonders also comes from organizations that have an extensive internet presence such as Google, Amazon and Yahoo that also practices legitimate internet activities.
  3. Of the top 50 parent domains that most frequently used One-Day Wonders, 22 percent were malicious. These domains use short-lived sites to facilitate attacks and manage botnets

Blue Coat recommends the followings for mitigation strategies:
  • Security controls must be informed by automated, real-time intelligence that can identify and assign risk levels to these One-Day Wonders. Static or slow-moving defenses do not suffice to protect users and corporate data.
  • Policy-based security controls must be able to act on real-time intelligence to block malicious attacks.
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