Citrix on the Personal Digital Advantage

Based on a press release by Citrix, according to Nielsen’s smartphone penetration report, Malaysia ranks second highest in Asia Pacific at 80 percent.
Well, we have heard this many times, each proclaiming Malaysians being the top users for smartphones, social medias, social networking and etc.

And I have always thought that a sensible reason to explain these realities is that the mobile device presents an opportunity for social-economical liberation in what a conservative-governed country.

As a result of this, Citrix promotes that the combination of BYOD and consumerization of IT trends brings about what is known as Personal Digital Advantage trend.

Mark Micallef, Area Vice President of Citrix ASEAN opines that enterprises should capitalize on this trend, there are 5 things to consider:

1.) Creating seamless multi-device experiences for users
2.) Attention and information management
3.) Promoting the speed learning culture
4.) Leveraging and learning from real-time digital assistance
5.) Time warping through automation - multi-tasking