Oracle Surveys Lost and Stolen Mobiles

Based on a article from Oracle.

Oracle shares the findings of its latest research titled ‘Simply Connected’ which highlighted the latest mobile uptakes and trends around the world.

Some key findings include:-

#1: Young workers are far more likely to lose their mobile devices, or have them stolen, than their more seasoned colleagues.
  • 73% admit to having lost at least one mobile device and 52% have had at least one stolen; whereas among those aged 45-54-year-olds, device theft is at just 20% and losses at 36%

#2 It seems the 16-24-year-old category are constantly finding new and interesting ways to lose or damage a mobile device:
  • 53% have damaged a device by spilling a drink on it
  • 51% have dropped their mobile phone into a toilet
  • 49% have damaged a mobile device by sitting on it
  • …and 44% have lost or damaged a mobile phone in a way they were too embarrassed to admit to

With it, Oracle urges younger workers need to be more cautious with their mobile devices highlighting a serious security concern for businesses