Unable to Set IP Address for Evolis Pebble 4 Card Printer

I recently bought an Evolis Pebble 4 card printer for one project.

The printer supports both USB and TCP/IP connection.

While trying to configure the TCP/IP settings, I followed the instruction from the official manual - couldn't work.

I found that using the hostname: http://evo_pb4_xxxxxxx on a web browser, the configuration page couldn't load - where xxxxxxx is the last seven digits serial number from the left, i.e if the serial number is 1234567890123, then the hostname should be http://evo_pb4_7890123.

Locating the serial number from the sticker at the bottom of the printer, in this case, the serial number is invalid

Here is the solution:

By default, the Evolis Pebble 4 is DHCP enabled.

Therefore, instead of trying to figure out the hostname, I plugged the printer into a network with DHCP capability.

Then I check out the router's admin page for LAN clients and found the IP and hostname of the printer.

It turned out that the serial number printed on the sticker of the printer is not the actual serial number programmed into the firmware. This resulted in the original hostname, formated based on the serial number from the sticker, was an invalid one.

Hence, if you are experience the same issue, don't waste time trying to figure out the hostname - just plug it into a DHCP network!

Identify the dynamic allocated IP address of the printer from router's admin page

Accessing the he web config page of the printer using the dynamically allocated IP address
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