What can you do with TIBCO Jaspersoft® business intelligence platform ?

Download from http://community.jaspersoft.com/.

TIBCO Software Inc. today announced the open source release of version 5.6 of the company’s award-winning TIBCO Jaspersoft® business intelligence platform, available for free download on the Jaspersoft® Community site. This new version includes several product updates, including new Big Data connectors, interactive reporting upgrades, an updated OLAP engine, and performance enhancements to TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio.

New product features added to the Jaspersoft Community platform include:
  • Native Big Data connectors adding support for Apache Hadoop®, Apache Hive™, Apache Cassandra™, and Cloudera®, helping to deliver real-time reporting on your Big Data investment
  • Additional interactive reporting features to provide a more customizable experience for users. New capabilities such as the interactive zoom, string search, and bookmarking help make the interaction of reports a more intuitive and powerful experience
  • An updated OLAP engine that now provides faster queries to data with a series of core stability improvements for a more robust analytic offering

Fantastic ?

For those of you who are new to business intelligence or data analytics solutions, basically, what you can achieve with it is to do big data.

To simply put, I will give you a scenario.

Recall the keynote of Larry Ellison (Oracle) on Open world 2012. At the end of the keynote, Larry presented a big data scenario.

The idea was to figure out one simple question which may take hell to calculate - “Which Olympic 2012 celebrity is most suitable to be selected as ambassador to carry the product of Lexus LFA ?”

To do that, it made use of Oracle Business Intelligent suite, Endeca and Oracle database deployed on Exadata to analyze 4.9 billions tweets from Twitter’s Firehose by analyzing both structured and unstructured textual data. Based on the dimensions of tweets, relationships, mentions, hashtage and authors, it was eventually decided that the person most suitable for this job is Gabrielle Douglas beating Michael Phelps in second place.

In retrospect, big data means that you can build a search engine for your own use.

For more info on TIBCO Jaspersoft® business intelligence platform, email team@it-sideways.com