Oracle Study Reveals Large Enterprises Struggle with Business Transformation Execution

Oracle shares its latest findings of its study with focus on business transformation which surveyed more than 500 executives from large global enterprises.

In brief, the survey revealed 86% of the respondents cited that business transformation is critical an essential to compete, but close to 50% said that their organizations are not at all or only somewhat prepared to execute a business transformation.

Overall findings from the study include:
  • Continual transformation is crucial to staying ahead of the curve but many business leaders say their organization is not well prepared.
  • Execution can make or break it.
  • Innovation is important to adapt to changes in client expectations and technology advances.
  • The key to executing a successful business transformation is a clear understanding of financial reality.
  • Failure to anticipate and account for risk can quickly derail a business transformation.
  • Adoption of enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) makes a difference

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