Kaspersky Robotics Trend Forecast for 2045

1.) Robots Everywhere

People will work on improving the software for the robots and the IT industry will be home to companies developing programs for robots just like they now develop apps for users to download and install.

2.) Mechanical People

Check out this link for robotics research in the medical industry.

3.) Smart Homes

People will live in smart homes where most creature comforts will be fully automated.

4.) Hyper Intelligence

Our digital alter egos will finally be fully formed within a single global infrastructure capable of self-regulation and involved in managing life on the planet. The system will operate a bit like today’s TOR; the most active and effective users will earn moderator rights. The system will be geared towards distributing resources between people, preventing armed conflict and other humanitarian actions.

5.) 3D Printing – Fast and Cheap

3D printers will enable us to design and create what we need, from household items like dishes and clothes to the building bricks for a future home.

6.) No More Computers

No more person working on computer - at least for routine work such as paying bills, check emails - all of which can be automated.

7.) Technophobia

Not everyone will be excited by a brave new robotic world, however. New Luddites will likely emerge to oppose the development of smart homes, automated lifestyles and robots.