Creating Concept Design Document Using MS OneNote 2013

I was exploring methods to create concept design document for software projects.

The biggest challenge is the ability to embed drawings in between texts.

For example:

A document created by hand with both handwritten text and hand-drawn diagrams
The first thing is to look for the best software. Based on this URL, I experimented with Evernote and MS OneNote.

I found that using MS OneNote 2013 works.

It allows creating documents which embed drawings in between texts.

As for Evernote, I have been able to figure out how to embed drawings in between texts - seems to only cater for drawing-only document.

Documents made using MS OneNote 2013
Unlimited length document

MS OneNote 2013 is available for free for both Windows (including Windows 7), iOS and Android platform.

Hence, for the handware, instead of using mouse to create the drawing, I can opt for a drawing tablet or simply a mobile device that is either Windows-based, Android-based or iOS-based.

It even comes with a web version which doesn't support drawing.

Besides that, it also caters for all sort of collaboration and sharing features.