OMG - Google Docs is just too good

Google Docs is just too good - seriously.

Have you ever created a document with images using MS Word and wanted to publish it to the Internet ?

High chances you will be publishing it to a blog or site with Content Management System (CMS) using Joomla.

Conventionally, this publishing task is tedious because it requires explicit conversion of the formats of the content and the images - images must be uploaded separately to the server using FTP or the CMS administration page before linking it back to the published article.

Just yesterday, I discovered that there is a semi-automated way to accomplish this task - to leverage on Google Docs.

Imagine you have created a MS Word document with images and formatted nicely with fonts of different sizes and colors, as well as myriad of alignments.

Here is what you can do to publish the article to the Internet via CMS or blog.

1.) Create the article using MS Word.

2.) Email the article as attachment to a Gmail account.

3.) Access Gmail, open the email and view the attachment.

4.) From attachment, click 'Edit with Google Docs'.

This will open up the converted article in Google Docs.

5.) Copy and paste - voila, task completed.

Google Docs has, during the conversion of MS Doc document to Google Docs, uploaded the images to the cloud for public access.

Just too good !