Learning from SpaceShooterX for Android Experience

SpaceShooterX was first developed for the Windows phone using C#. The developer, recently took effort to detail his experience of porting the codes to Android platform using Xamarin mobile app development tool.

Xamarin is a development tool based on Microsoft .NET C# and allows codes to be ported into the iOS and Android platform.

The developer mentioned that the process took him about 3 weeks and almost 90% of codes are reusable.

He also shared his experience in dealing with several issues such as memory leaks which result in surge of memory utilization, dependencies on the Monogame assembly and compatibility issue with Java JDK version of the codes with that of the Xamarin platform.

SpaceShooterX is quite fun, though, it looks like a typical airplane shooting game with the typical sound effect of lazer beam.

SpaceShooterX is a free, ad supported game with an option to remove it via in-app purchase and buy power-ups, bombs and lives that range in price from $0.99 to $9.99. It's available for download now at Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=borneomobile.SpaceShooterX.Android&hl=en

According to the developer, Space Shooter X was inspired by old school Japanese shooters, but with HD graphics, an edgy pace and plenty of bosses to battle. Ships can be upgraded with a vast assortment of weapons and you have full power and bombing options to help you obliterate your enemies. Speaking of which, while some space shooters have your enemies approach you head on, Space Shooter X has them coming from all directions. Notable features include:
  • No shields, limited to three lives making the game play even more challenging
  • Supports individual country leaderboards besides a global one.
  • Gain one full-power module for every 50000 points earned
  • Bonus items appear at random as you destroy enemy ships to increase your firepower.
  • It's not a game to play when you are feeling lazy!