Pi PR Commemorates The Century’s PI DAY

About 3.14 days ago, locally established PR agency - Pi PR Consultancy Sdn Bhd took the opportunity of a lifetime to celebrated the world’s favorite mathematical number – Pi or symbolically known as ‘π’.

Managing Director Lee Ting Ting, was almost in a state of delirium from a sleepless night of committing to memory up to 160 decimals of the transcendent number that that she recited at the Pi PR hosted party on March 14, 2015 in Subang Jaya recently. “No doubt that Pi Day is especially special this year to the agency, because of its once in a lifetime occurrence that coincides with the first 5-digit of Pi ‘π’.

Being a PR agency dedicated to the technology sector, it was only natural to name ourselves after such a symbolic numeric that has the closest possible connection to mathematics, the perfect circle, civilization and life in its most intricate form of measurements.”

Eager to commemorate and introduce a worldwide celebration with the local Malaysian media, Pi PR hosted a SciFi-Alien themed party that saw a tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy (‘Dr.Spock’ of StarTrek) who just passed away earlier in February, Sci-Fi character impersonation, Pi Decimal Recital and Pie Eating contests.

“Just to note, while 3.14 days ago was a rare confluence that won't happen again for 100 years (next will be in 2115), it would be also worthwhile to remember it was also the 136th birthday of history’s most well known and loved physicist Albert Einstein,” ends Lee.

Sci-Fi Party