Case Study: Adira Finance (Indonesia) Deploys VMWare

PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance Tbk (Adira Finance), Indonesia’s top automotive financing company, today announced the virtualization of its existing IT infrastructure with VMware, the global leader in virtualization. With the deployment of VMware vSphere® Enterprise Plus and VMware vCenter Operations Suite 5.6, Adira Finance optimized existing IT investments, resulting in capital and operational efficiencies, that improved its agility to respond to customers and meet growing business needs.

Cost and efficiency challenges with business growth

With the growth of its business, Adira Finance faced challenges of having the need to provide faster and better service to its customers to stay competitive in Indonesia. Before deploying VMware’s solutions, its IT infrastructure was not able to deliver customer service at the optimal pace. To deploy or provision new infrastructure to support new business needs - such as servers and applications - took months, slowing down service delivery time.

Additional expenditures were also incurred with the opening of each branch office with the purchase of new servers to support the services. Adira Finance also needed to ensure the management and protection of critical data and compliance to data privacy regulation. These motivated Adira Finance to build a new IT infrastructure that is fast and reliable, to meet the company’s objectives of increasing efficiency in business processes, ensuring security, enhancing customer service and business productivity.

Solutions Deployed

“The virtualization of Adira Finance was completed in three stages. The first stage included an evaluation of its existing infrastructure performance to identify outdated servers that required upgrades, and analysis of future infrastructure needs like the provisioning of new servers and applications,” added Cornel Hugroseno. “This is followed by the implementation of VMware vSphere® Enterprise Plus and VMware vCenter Operations Suite 5.6, with the gradual replacement of outdated Windows and Linux server life cycle with virtualized servers.”

  • VMware vSphere® Enterprise Plus with VMware vRealize Operations Manager™ not only allowed for better resource management, but also enhanced performance and visibility across the virtual infrastructure.
  • With virtualization, Adira Finance reduced the number of physical servers from 220 to only 24, with all Windows and Linux based servers fully virtualized.