Jadi Imaging Technologies (JADI) Recycle Toner Cartridge Programme

Press Release - 20 Apr 2015:

In conjunction with Earth Day, Malaysia’s leading toner manufacturer Jadi Imaging Technologies (JADI), has launched its “Empties Buyback Programme”. With over 350,000,000 cartridges thrown out to landfills each year, this initiative was launched with the objective of reducing its carbon footprint and to be more eco-friendly.

The mechanics of the programme are very simple, allowing almost anyone to help contribute towards this cause. One just need collect their empty toner cartridges and contact JADI when they are ready for a collection. Furthermore, JADI provides free collection services. To simply put, our message is not to throw away your empty toner cartridges, but collect them and convert them into cash.

As an initial start for this programme, JADI accepts original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and compatible empty cartridges for selected Ricoh MPC models, but will eventually open up to accepting other brand applications as well. The list of the eligible models can be found at www.jadi.com.my.

While Jadi Imaging’s core business is in the development of conventional laser and copiers toners, JADI takes pride in its signature Palmotone product, patented as the world’s first bio-based chemical toner.

The Palmotone range is an environmentally friendly chemical color toner that reduces the use of depletable petroleum resources and decreases unfavorable carbon dioxide emission through a carbon neutral process. Compared to standard chemical toners made from 100% fossil fuel-based monomers, Palmotone contains at least 25% of derivatives from palm oil.