Still Kena SST Pulak!

I am not alone after all.

All these while, I thought that when GST is enforced, the SST will become obsolete.

The reason is simple - before GST, consumers would pay 10% (sales and service tax) + 6% (government tax) for all bills - you have to pay whether it is a good or bad service and there was no question for that.

With GST, generally the costs of consumer becomes higher and hence, the 10%+6% should become only 6% lar.

However, seems like now the 10% + 6% still remains, with the 6% renamed from government tax to GST only.

I guess I was wrong, but I am not alone.

Pak cik GST also misunderstood.

According to this url, not only you have to pay the 10% of SST, you must pay additional 6% on top of the SST.

But it was quoted that if the service is not good, then you don't have to pay the SST.

Really one, I am not bluffing you, before Apr 1, 2015, I was watching the TV Korean drama from 8:30pm to 9:30pm and this advertisement kept showing up and hence I was brainwashed to believe that there is no more SST.

I don't know lar, can you please clarify ?


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