Visa and Maybank Pilot Asia’s First Contactless Payment Watch

Press Release : Mar 31, 2015

Visa and Maybank today launched an internal pilot of Watch2Pay, the first contactless payment watch in Asia. Watch2Pay allows users to conduct contactless payments in a matter of seconds, leveraging on Visa’s payWave contactless technology, at more than 3,000 Visa payWave contactless readers across the country.

Maybank Visa Payment Watch

Consumer payment preferences have evolved over the years. Besides moving to cashless, consumers increasingly want to make payments in a faster and more convenient way, such as contactless transactions. Based on the Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes Study 68 per cent of Malaysian respondents said that they would choose to visit a store that accepted contactless payments over one that did not.

Watch2Pay was recently featured in January 2015’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and is available in only four other countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, and Austria).


Brandon Teoh said…
This is good for GST actually, because it is possible to pay all those 5 cents...