ERPAL platform for E-Commerce System

ERPAL is an enterprise application platform based on the open source Drupal framework.

ERPAL Platform can be used to build e-commerce systems including the business management backend, as well as SaaS or standalone business applications for CRM, ERP and workflow management systems.

ERPAL was developed by Bright Solutions, who has a partner program.

In order to be accepted into the ERPAL partner program, agencies must fulfill certain criteria: candidates will be familiar with the basics of Drupal Commerce and the Drupal distribution, 'ERPAL Platform', and they must have completed at least one project in cooperation with Bright Solutions. Participation in a new partner program allows members to profit from joint sales and marketing activities, dedicated training and service offerings, and extensive support services.

Lemberg Solutions, is the first to be certified by Bright Solutions and accepted into its worldwide partner program.