Exclusive Interview: Cartrack : Telematics Solutions Provider

1) Cartrack as a company, started off as a vehicle fleet management solution provider, what made the business diversifed into EMS (Electronic Monitoring Solution)?

Cartrack is a telematics solutions provider. Our vision is to achieve global industry leadership in the telematics industry.

The Cartrack telematics platform comes with highly sophisticated functionality and a proven track record in helping customers protect and retrieve stolen vehicles, as well as, manage their mobile fleets. As we expand our product offerings through continuous innovation, EMS naturally falls into our plans as an addition to our telematics solutions, riding on the same sophisticated platform.

2) Briefly explain your goals for EMS (Electronic Monitoring Solution) in the region (EMS has been implemented in Singapore, what are the upcoming plans?

At Cartrack, we have focused our efforts on introducing the INTEGRATE EMS to various markets across the Asia Pacific region in line with our international expansions plans. We foresee an increase in demand for the INTEGRATE EMS in this region, especially in view of the successful deployment in Singapore. We hope to engage more law enforcement agencies in the coming months.

3) You are part of the greater security solution. Please share your thoughts on the security industry as a whole (Some of the big security companies are currently focusing on identity management. Also the trend seems to be moving very quickly into automated surveillance and facial recognition. There is also a need for security analytics. Cartrack’s EMS solution looks promising an as integrated security solutions provider)

Cartrack will continue to provide innovative telematics offerings and these include electronic monitoring, track and trace, as well as, asset management for the security industry. We have built our system on modular platforms that allow for scalability and ease of integration with existing security systems.

4) The problem with enterprise and IT industry is about budget (the budget has been continuously reduced over the past few years). What are your thoughts on this?

We see this as an opportunity. The Cartrack telematics solutions are offered as Software-as-a-Service. Infrastructure requirements for fleet management are minimised by utilising cloud-based computing services. The solutions are also managed centrally by a team of technology specialists from Cartrack. This allows companies to gain access to a solution with a faster return on investment

5) Briefly explain a bit on your team structure in Singapore.

Cartrack Singapore has expanded its operations across Asia. We have set up local operations in many of the countries across the region as we want to be close to our customers, and offer excellent local services and support when required. The team in Singapore provides the in-country teams with regional support covering marketing, technical and operations. Additionally, a product innovation centre will soon be set up in Singapore as well.

6) What have you done in terms of business in Malaysia so far?

Cartrack Malaysia Sdn Bhd was set up in 2014, and we are currently working on growing our network in Malaysia. Currently, we have a strong pipeline of potential customers in the country and that was the main reason behind the decision to set up local operation here. We have also started our operations in other South East Asian countries.