IBM PureApplication System Test Services Available in Malaysia

Jun 12, 2015 - PJ:

IBM is pleased to announce that IBM Innovation Center in Malaysia is now equipped with IBM PureApplication System solutions for clients to test, develop and deploy applications.

IBM PureApplication System is a strategic platform that provides zero downtime for enterprises with diverse business managing heavy transactions and workloads.

The test centre allows clients to get the dedicated support and guidance to test applications and manage workloads with the right capacity in a cost efficient manner.

Client can apply any of the 200 built-in patterns of expertise on IBM PureApplicationTM System to provision and configure the resources for workloads. The patterns are secured to reduces the risk of inadvertent security breaches caused by human error.

What this is telling you is that if you are developing massive upgrades for your enterprise application and wouldn't want to invest in the infrastructure during development stage, you can subscribe to this - it includes consultation and best practices as well.

Personally, I feel that this is great because often times, we may have had over invested in the infrastructure spawned out of project proposals. By leveraging on PureApplication System, you get to perform faulty and load tolerance on the software to identify the bottlenecks and other variables which may contribute to system instability.

While the systems are running, management expertise around application and system virtualization, and application elasticity, will enable automatic responses to many system problems so critical applications remain available to the business.Deploying new environment on PureApps take minutes compared to hours previously. The time to provision and increase capacity along business demands is also sped up.

Clients and business partners are can access IBM PureApplication System in CoC to develop, perform Proof of Concept and Proof of Technology to experience the simplified process accelerates cloud deployment platform which minimize business risk and speed time to market.

Currently, the test center is supporting clients in the public sector, financial institutions and large conglomerates. Services available on IBM PureApps are also suitable for telecommunications, financial services and healthcare industries.