Red Hat Mobile Application Platform Simplifies Deployment of Client-Server Mobile Application

The Red Hat Mobile Application Platform is a unique development platform, somewhat similar to latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio which supports cloud development and deployment to Azure ecosystem; this platform prides itself at offering of a complete suite of mobile application development platform which includes client server communication framework known as the MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) Platform.

To understand MBaaS in laymen term - imagine Whatsapp - what is visible to consumers are the front-end features, nonetheless, what is cool or state-of-the-art is the fact that the programming of the Whatsapp platform has allowed 600 million active users to communicate with each other without fail.

What this means is that to program the mobile app is not really something impossible, any good programmer with experience and a great sense of usability would be able to nail it; however, the ability to program a server platform which services 600 million active connections without fail is nothing short of a phenomenon.

And this is what MBaaS hopes to help developers with : to provide a cloud-based, built-in security and performance guaranteed server platform which will host mobile apps.

In others words, the suite allows one to develop mobile apps (front end), it also provides a platform for client server communication via web services that is performance guaranteed, comes with integrated security features and cloud-based.

The whole suite comes built-in with agile development collaboration tools, supports cloud deployment and security deployment best practices.

To adopt the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform, it means that one can just drop Microsoft's Windows server platform in favor for Red Hat server platform.

To kick start this new release, Red Hat announced alliance with Samsung business services to deliver the next generation of mobile solutions for the enterprise.

The Samsung Business Services and Red Hat Alliance offers to enterprise the followings:
  • Customized business app development
  • Developer tools
  • Support services
  • Business collaboration for end product deployment and go-to-market

The Red Hat Mobile Application Platform was mooted from a few platforms of Red Hat, namely: