Shedding Light on Dark Data by CommVault Systems

I read this article by Mark Bentkower, CISSP, Director of Systems Engineering ASEAN, CommVault Systems, discusses the challenges organizations are facing today and provides best practices for companies to address their unstructured data challenges.

It tells the significance of dark data, which is essentially data trapped beneath stone unturned - data stored somewhere but not able to be discovered and hence wasted - forever, period.

Mark BentKower

To deal with dark data, Mark BentKower has these to advise:
  • Control the growth of data.
  • Capture data at the point of entry to in order to ID it (data) better.
  • Deliver Self Service Access - allow users to judge the value of data before the boss thinks otherwise.
  • Automate the Data Lifecycle - auto removal of unwanted or junk data
  • Assure Compliance and Discovery - the best way to minimize the cost of these queries is to be proactive with comprehensive archive, search and eDiscovery capabilities.