What is CollabNet Teamforge ALM ?

According to the white paper (Thriving in an Era of Disruption and Disconnected Development), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a bigger platform which will integrate the processes of multiple and isolated application development environments.

Key to the findings is that waterfall methodology is still needed to maintain core platforms of businesses for mission-critical applications, i.e banking core.

Secondly, development environment (tools and SOP) optimized for one project may not work best for others.

Therefore, in lieu to the growing challenges of maintaining application portfolios which scale according to trends and business needs, enterprise inevitably have to adopt a development environment which supports the ideals of hybrid, distributed and multi-source.

And this is what CollabNet Teamforge is all about - a managed open ALM platform for enterprise.

Its core features are: common platform, collaboration and governance

It promises the benefits of: standards and integration, cross-boundary system debug, reuse and sharing of IP.

The key point is that it caters for integration between agile and waterfall development environments.

You can compare CollabNet Teamforge to Microsoft Team Foundation Server, alternatively, you may also consider Microsoft Team Foundation Server as one component sits on top of Collabnet Teamforge.