Announcements from RSA Conference (APAC) 2015

Jul 28, 2015:

Several announcements relating to cybersecurity were made at this year’s RSA Conference in Singapore. These announcements mainly focused on aiding detection and protection following Asia’s rapid mobile and cloud technology expansion and the security challenges that may come with them.

Kindly find below a brief summary of the announcements and the full media releases attached for your perusal.

1. RSA President Outlines Steps to Bolster Cyber Defense in Asia and Beyond
  • Recognizing SE Asia’s rapid mobile and cloud technology growth and the security challenge it represents, RSA President Yoran calls for region’s organizations to re-think their approach to cyber defense
  • Yoran outlines five key principles of a next generation approach to security based on faster detection and more effective response
  • Keynote address reaches largest audience yet at RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan in Singapore

2. New RSA® ECAT Release Engineered to Extend Ability to Rapidly Detect and Block Advanced Threats on Endpoints
  • RSA® ECAT is designed to enable active endpoint defense against advanced threats by rapidly detecting and blocking or quarantining suspicious files and processes without the need for signatures
  • Now it is engineered to enable real-time visibility, detection, and response on endpoints even while outside the corporate network
  • Newly introduced intelligent risk scoring system is built to enable analysts to respond and take action based on highest priority incidents
  • New capabilities, when combined with RSA Security Analytics, are designed to enable SOC teams to detect and respond to advanced attacks more quickly and precisely by delivering complete visibility across the entire enterprise - from the endpoint to cloud

3. RSA® Via Lifecycle and Governance Identity Solution Enhances Cyber Defense While Improving Compliance, Business Efficiency and Performance
  • RSA® Via Lifecycle and Governance is designed to contribute critical new and enhanced capabilities to aid detection of advanced attacks, automatically alerting users to unauthorized access changes, including privilege escalations frequently performed by malicious actors who have compromised user identities
  • Integration with RSA Archer® Governance, Risk, and Compliance is engineered to improve visibility for incident handlers through sharing of identity context, and connects access governance and lifecycle processes to the enterprise risk model
  • Helps accelerate business processes for onboarding new users, and streamlining user interface configuration tasks
  • Scalability, reliability and performance enhancements helps ensure IT can effectively govern and administer thousands of applications in an organization