Yahoo Email Feedback

I am a fan of Yahoo - I love everything about it especially the brand name.

I am also a fan of CEO Marissa Mayer.

When the Internet came to Malaysia around 1994, Yahoo was everything we all cared about.

Hence, I chose Yahoo email over Google email as my primary email. One of the reason for choosing it over gmail is the fact that it allows creation of folder for email archiving and categorization.

It used to offer great user experience until recent upgrades, if I can remember, all of it started during the period of CEO transition.

I hope Yahoo email will find this as constructive feedback.

1.) The overall experience wasn't great anymore.

The front-end experience isn't that great.

For instance, sometimes the delete button doesn't work, sometimes checking the checkbox doesn't work.

At one point I even experienced it pointing to the wrong image file (attachment) - it pointed to an image file from another email.

Internet forums say that clearing cache will help, nonetheless, haven't experienced this lately.

2.) Auto-save function doesn't work well in slow Internet connection scenario.

If you are hooked up to a slower Internet connection, the auto-save feature - which auto-save unsent email to draft folder every 30 seconds will drag the user experience - whenever it auto-save, the front-end is disabled.

And seems like no way to disable the feature - I am not alone.

I understood that this is a result of client-server connection, it will work seamlessly in a scenario where the Internet speed is optimum.

3.) When a draft failed to save, it will fail to send out and data will be lost.

When this happens, you need to sign out and sign in again.

4.) The worst experience I had was with the conversation mode - I really didn't like that feature.

I turned it off ever since.

5.) As a technical person, I actually understand the challenge of maintaining such a large scale and big data system. Nonetheless, an average Internet user such as my father may find all unpleasant user experience to be a let-down.

Perhaps I should try to switch to basic mode and experience the difference.

Anyway, I hope things will get better for Yahoo email - Good luck.

6.) Last but not least, thank you Yahoo email for providing me with free services for all these years without major failure and data lost.

Thank you for keeping all those archived emails in check with integrity.