RED ALERT – Your personal safety in the palm of your hands

Jul 17, 2015:

Red Alert, a locally developed app is designed with this in mind to bring personal safety back into the hands of the people. With triggering methods that are simple and ready-to-fire through their smartphones, it gives them an added level of assurance just like an umbrella does on an unexpected rainy day.

Unlike the usual personal security apps in the market which only provides the common distress alert to friends and family, Red Alert also comes with a host of unique features. Geo locations, one of the more notable features notifies your registered friends and family of your GPS location every 50 metres and ‘Black Box’, an audio capturing feature captures your surrounding sounds immediately when the panic button is activated.

Red Alert believes that you cannot put a price personal safety, which is why this app is made available for free with full features on the Google Play Store.

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