Testing Acronis Backup : Part 1

The Acronis Backup is a desktop based software which caters for backup of everything from your computer (Windows or Linux) to any location - cloud backup included.

It caters for backup of either the whole drive (i.e C Drive) or files (or folders) selection.

Download the trial version which caters for 30 days cloud backup option - the download file is kind of huge: 993 MB.

Install the software - make sure you have administrator's priviledge - follow instructions and select default options.

The software is an intuitive design - very easy to use. The core functions are:

1.) Perform backup

2.) Perform recover

3.) Create backup schedules

Main Screen

For example, from the main screen, click 'Backup now'.

Backup Now Screen

Then all you have to do is to select the followings:

1.) What to backup - drive or files

2.) Select where to backup - drive or server (FTP,SFTP servers) or cloud

The cloud is located in a safe remote Tier-IV designed and SSAE 16 compliant data center.

3.) How to backup ?

3.1) Backup type:
  • Full - backup everything --> slowest
  • Incremental - only backup new files each time --> fastest
  • Differential - backup new files and revised files -->intermediate

3.2) Validation - if you select 'Validate backup', it will attempt to check the backup files for integrity to prevent corruption.

Then click 'Ok', the backup process will start right away.

The best thing which I want to salute Acronis is the achievement of 100% fool-prove and high availability, which is a great challenge for startup and mediocre companies.

As the matter of fact, Acronis is able to provide the guarantee that the backup files will be safe and always with integrity.