Barracuda Introduces Virtual Barracuda Backup Appliance

Sep 17, 2015 - KL :

Barracuda Networks, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-connected security and storage solutions, announces Barracuda Backup Vx, a new deployment option for Barracuda Backup aimed at organizations looking to reduce onsite hardware through virtualization.

Complimenting VMware vCloud Air, Barracuda Backup Vx was introduced to customers at VMworld 2015.

Barracuda Backup Vx uses both inline target-based deduplication and compression to reduce storage and bandwidth requirements, and easily scale storage as data grows, eliminating the need for forklift upgrades.

Thiban Darmalingam, the Regional Manager for Barracuda in Malaysia says, “Barracuda Backup Vx further expands the flexibility and virtualization support we’re able to offer our customers, especially those who are moving away from physical infrastructure.”

“Part of providing complete data protection means that we need to offer customers the option to deploy our products in a way that makes the most sense for their environments - whether that’s in the form of a physical appliance, a cloud solution, or a virtual appliance,” adds Thiban.

Scalable for growing environments, Barracuda Backup Vx is licensed as a per-TB capacity subscription allowing customers to pay only for what they back up.

Replication is built into each Barracuda Backup Vx subscription; customers can choose whether to replicate to the Barracuda Cloud or to a virtual receiver for disaster recovery. Replication to the Barracuda Cloud includes “Unlimited” Cloud Storage and extended retention through offsite vaulting.