The Nicer App to Connect Like Minders

The Nice app (photo sharing app) has all the usual stuffs, i.e login with Facebook, discover people, invite friends and etc.

A few things which differentiate it from others are:
Nice App main interface

1.) Nice app uses algorithm to execute content sharing - photos sharing between users.

The algorithm works by leveraging on every bit of information made available by users pertaining to the photos - i.e geolocation information, tags, stickers and etc.

A tag can be any text based information pertaining to people, place and etc.

2.) It already has a database of over 200 million photos with over 30 million users to date.

3.) The app caters for photo search feature and photo slider.

4.) It allows one to be presented with the most relevant content available (to you), including those photos from users nearby you.

5.) The most important thing to take note is : Nice is not about ephemeral sharing, it’s about connecting like minded people.

6.) Currently available in iOS and Android platforms.

Photos from nearby usersPhotos based on location