This New Android App Uncovers How Businesses Can Save $50 Billion Each Year

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You’d be surprised to find out that office theft is making business around the US lose nearly $50 billion each year. But it’s not financial fraud, or machinery theft or anything or great value that is being stolen. Companies are losing money from employee that nick inconsequential office supplies. You heard that right—when an employee nicks away notepads, pens, paper clips and sharpies, businesses lose money. And thus far, managers find it quite silly to confront an otherwise hardworking employee with the case of a missing pen. But sooner rather than later, you are going to have to bring up sticky fingers at the officeand the new Android employee monitoring app, XNSPY might just be the tool you need.

How Harmful is the Black Sheep in the Supply Room?

This will sound silly to you but office supplies don’t come cheap. There is a reason financial advisors always tell you to cut costs on office supplies when trying to save your business from a slump. It begins with a pen clipped right into the pocket on the way out. No one’s going to be looking for a pen, are they? Your employee probably doesn’t even view it as stealing. But then after they’ve made several notes on papers and they wonder, hey, these papers can’t keep themselves together, can they? Then they grab a handful of paperclips, too. While they’re at it, a stapler or two to keep in the house won’t be bad. Who’s going to notice a missing stapler? Short answer: your profits.

The thing with office supplies is, you likely don’t even know they’re being stolen.

The Problem with Bringing it Up

Imagine walking up to Jack from Sales and confronting them about a missing paper clip. Jack could’ve been your best sales rep. They could’ve been the highest performing employee. They might have been the perfect candidate for the next department head. Would you put a stolen paper clip between the two of you? Probably not because it’ll be embarrassing for the both of you. That’s where turning to employee monitoring apps seems like the wiser thing to do. Here’s how.

How XNSPY Employee Monitoring for Android Prevents Theft

XNSPY is a monitoring app that employers use to keep an eye on their employees. Once installed onto their phones, it enables transparency of communication in the office which is the number one step in ensuring honesty at the workplace. You will be able to read their IM chats, know their GPS location, read their Gmail and anything, and you’d be able to do this all from the comfort of your own desk.

Because let’s face it—stolen office supplies can be recovered. Stolen business ideas? Not so much. When valuable trade secrets and data is breached and it is the work of your own employee, you’ll lose a lot more than $50 billion.

The best thing you can do to prevent theft at the office is to establish an honor code. Make everyone their own moral monitor. If this fails, use the XNSPY employee monitoring. Notice who at the office is being dishonest and perhaps call a company meeting and address the issue at large as a side note. If the problem persists, talk to the person directly. Instead of having several embarrassing conversations, you will be having only one.