Case Study : Universal Robots empowers Wistron with greater production flexibility

Wistron is the world’s first Original Design Manufacturer to deploy collaborative robots from Universal Robots (UR) in its laptop assembly line, enabling efficient and flexible production.

Since February 2015, Wistron has deployed 60 sets of UR robots in its production,performing functions that include applications such as pick and place, screwing as well as those involving vision systems. With the implementation of UR robots, the company has gained more flexibility for its future production line layout and configuration, effectively improved its product yield and optimised personnel allocation. At the same time, the company is expected to see a reduction in operating costs and enhanced profitability in the long term.

Wistron began automating its production with the installation of robotic arms more than two years ago using other robotic brands.

During that time, Wistron’s laptop production line was unable to achieve complete automation due to technology limitation - the motion range of the robotic arms has to be restricted to ensure the safety of workers.

They realised that they require robots that can function effectively without compromising workers’ safety, robots’ operating speeds and other functionalities within tight spaces.

Deployment of UR robotic arm resulted in the following yields:
  • Optimised internal resources
  • Reduced operating costs; enhanced profitability
  • Increasing product yield significantly

Director Zhang concluded, “We expect to introduce more collaborative robots into our production lines in the future with our company planning to purchase over 120 new UR robots in 2015 this year.