Cheapest Flight Deals Is Few Clicks Far

Skyscanner positions itself as search engine.

It offers comprehensive flight search service as well as online comparisons for hotels and car hire.

CEO and co-founder Gareth Williams was frustrated with the difficult and tedious process of searching multiple airline and travel agent websites to find the best deals for traveling to snow skiing.

It then dawned on him the idea of a single website that could collect, collate and compare prices for every commercial flight in the world.

The company was founded in 2003 with HQ at Edinburgh, currently employing over 700 employees worldwide with offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and Singapore.

It has over 40 million unique monthly visitors and the mobile app was downloaded 35 million times with over 50% returning rates.

It supports over 30 languages.

The revenue for 2014 was 93 million pound.

1.) It doesn't hurt to dream and to search, because it is free

In other words, when someone plans to travel but doesn't have realistic budget, he or she is still able to use the service just to check things out - it is like window shopping - no telesales will call you back.

Literally, one can 'fly' anywhere in the world by searching using Skyscanner without login - this defines the true meaning of no obligation.

From my own perspective, the service has done a great deal serving as a gateway to the travel industry, as well as an alternative platform for infotainment.

2.) The website and mobile apps will remember your preference

For instance, when you search for destination to Taiwan, your next visit to the site will be pre-loaded with recommendations on Taipei's hotels and etc.

3.) It doesn't bullshit you

The prices you see from Skyscanner is the same from the partners' web sites. On top of that, Skyscanner helps to monitor the changes and will send you alerts.

4.) Newest app updates

4.1) Everywhere destination

This feature is great for those who decided to travel but hadn't a clue about the destination.

Hence, select the destination as 'Search Everywhere'.

'Search Everywhere' as destination

The search result will present to you the best deals from your nearest airport.

4.2) Colour-coded calendar and graph

The calendar feature is now colour-coded.
  • Red: the most expensive option.
  • Amber : everything in between
  • Green: flights are cheap as chips

4.3) Enhanced results filters

Flights can be filtered by price, duration, take-off and landing time.

5.) Skyscanner for Business

Skyscanner is always recruiting new partners who include web sites and magazines.

Skyscanner for business is a suite of tools helping to power the travel Internet.

The tools which include development API, have been used by over 300 partners, including Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, MSN and Secret Escapes.

Last but not least, before you go traveling, check out Skyscanner first!