MTV: 97% Young People Affected by Boredom, Despite Technology

Oct 6, 2015 - Singapore:

MTV Asia unveiled its international research study, “Break Boring, Ignite Passion,” revealing that almost all (97%) of more than 15,000 12 to 24-year-old respondents across 26 countries claimed to be affected by boredom, with two-thirds experiencing it on a weekly basis and nearly one-quarter daily, equating to more than 340 million people aged 12 to 24 being bored at some stage today.

With the average teenager in markets now owning up to six connected devices, MTV’s study suggests that being able to choose from a much wider array of content and social media choices, and the overwhelming access to information they provide, may actually be fuelling boredom in addition to alleviating it. 40% of those surveyed said mindlessly browsing the Internet was one of the most boring activities they undertook, more so than school (39%) and work (33%).

Although three in four say boredom is a part of life, 85% believe it is something you can get rid of. To combat boredom, respondents’ first go-to is media and entertainment – specifically listening to music, watching movies, browsing social media, watching YouTube and entertainment television. Additionally, nearly nine out of 10 respondents cited humour as a key antidote for breaking the cycle of boredom. Meanwhile, those surveyed identified creativity (85%), curiosity (81%) and passion (73%) as valuable characteristics to stop boredom. Additionally, the vast majority (95%) said they are least bored when they’re with friends.

Youth in Malaysia (83%), the United Kingdom (79%), Brazil (79%), Singapore (78%) and Sweden (77%) report highest levels of boredom. Least bored youth reside in countries including Russia (56%), Belgium (55%), Indonesia (53%), Hungary (52%) and the Netherlands (49%). All 26 countries surveyed reported a healthy dose of boredom, with only the Netherlands falling below 50%.

The MTV “Break Boring, Ignite Passion” research was conducted between September 2014 and January 2015. The research included a quantitative survey, between 2 December, 2014 and 13 January, 2015, across 26 markets* of 15,330 respondents aged 12 - 24 (32.5% aged 12 - 16, 32.6% aged 17 - 20 and 34.9% aged 21 - 24). The survey was fielded via an online panel.


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