Watching iFlix Now (Review)

For a busy person with no time for cinema and conventional TV, iFlix offers to a great escape for high quality movies and TV-series streaming over the Internet.

It offers first month free trial and subsequently only RM 8 per month.

All you have to do is to register and sign-in, and I found it to be pretty impressive.

First of all, the streaming speed is apparently fast.

I do have a way of testing Internet speed. In my house, I subscribed to both TM Unifi and TM Streamyx - former faster and latter slower.

I found that if you try to view trailers from, using Streamyx is slow compared to Unifi.

Nonetheless, if you search for the same trailer from, both Internet connections offer pretty much the same speed. One of the reason is that does provide local caches in the country.

Now, with iFlix, it is fast on Streamyx and not just that, it streams with HD quality.

The second good thing is that if you tried to rewind the movie, it doesn't result in intermittent during replay.

The third good thing is that should the streaming stopped inadvertently, all you have to do is to reload the URL and you will be given an option to resume or restart ? - obviously to resume.

Finally, the best part is the same account allows viewing of the contents from multiple PC.

For first time users, I am impressed!