Getex Malaysia : Earn as you shop

Nov 5, 2015 -

According to Trading Economics, based on a report by the Department of Statistic Malaysia, consumer spending in Malaysia decreased to RM134,900 million in the second quarter of 2015 from RM135,507million in the first quarter of 2015.

While the current economic situation and the ringgit are in a sorry state, people are becoming more and more cost conscious. Every ringgit spent is a well thought out one; in fact it is stretched to the maximum.

Getex Malaysia attempts to offer miracle to help with the situation.

As online CASHBACK platform, fellow Malaysians can earn some extra bucks whilst shopping.

(L-R) Buvaneswaran Naidu, Nisya Aziz and Ridzwan Hamzah.

Operating since June 2015, Getex Malaysia offers shoppers cashback up to 12% (varies by stores) from more than 50 online retailers. To enjoy the cashback benefit, customers just need to register typically by providing an email address and creating a password.

Buvaneswaren Naidu, Getex Malaysia Chief Operation Officer says: “Getex Malaysia is created to help the consumer spend smartly. With this platform, we put the purchasing power back to the hands of the shoppers and let them stretch the money they spend. And better still, earn a portion of the money spent going back to shoppers when they make qualifying purchases from eligible retailers, on top of the promotions or discounts that are already being offered. Talk about empowering consumers again.