Automate the Monitoring of Key IT Assets (Review)

Dotcom-Monitor presents a software suite which serves as automation platform for monitoring of servers, services and processes.

This leads to the availability of tools for monitoring and measurement of performance such as a web site, as well as stress testing and simulation of use cases.

The key benefits are:
  • Alerting - filter, schedule and automatically escalate issues to the right people
  • Reporting - online, real-time and email reports down to element level
  • Diagnostics - determine root cause with video capture, traceroutes, HTML and more
  • SLA Management - filter, schedule and automatically escalate issues to the right people

The tools are comprehensive and industrial-standard compliance. For instance, the key metrics for website speed test are:
  • Sum of DNS times in ms
  • Sum of Connection times in ms
  • Sum of SSL times in ms
  • Sum of Request times in ms
  • Sum of First Packet times in ms
  • Sum of Download times in ms

Web transaction monitoring:

One use case is to instantly identify when users are unable to complete a transaction due to availability, poor performance or functionality issues.

This is achievable by creating custom scripts which can navigate hundreds of steps within the path to purchase.

The process is able to generate mouse clicks, hover actions, page navigation and text input with any element on the page even within Flash, Silverlight and JAVA applications.

Another interesting tool is DNS Blacklist (DNSBL) Test

The tool checks to see if your hostname or IP addresses are listed on major anti-spam databases (blacklists) - being blacklisted can result in email delivery issues.

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