Universal Robots To Boost Industrial Uptake Through Newly Launched Application Showroom

PR - Jan 15, 2016 - 

Universal Robots (UR), a global developer and manufacturer of flexible and user-friendly industrial robots is embarking on a project involving their Singapore-based distributor, Skymech Automation & Engineering (SKYMECH) to develop industrial robot applications that will showcase the ways in which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from automation in the form of these robotic solutions.

UR vision pick & place application case study

With the support of two Singapore government agencies, UR is actively spearheading the expansion of the current range of robot applications with SKYMECH. The first two applications that are being developed include “vision pick & place” as well as “machine tending”, which are commonly used in the Precision Engineering (PE) sector. The development of these applications increases the accessibility of SMEs to robotic technology and closes the gap between system integrators and UR’s customers.

In addition to robotic applications, UR is also building a knowledge-sharing platform to encourage the facilitation of information such as technical knowledge among its distributors and customers with the opening of its Singapore-based UR Application Showroom, two years starting from January 2016.

Interested parties will be able to view the robot applications at the showroom, where five applications are set to roll out after each cycle of 12 months. This project will also see the launch of a series of technical workshops and seminars that will be publicly open to those interested in learning more about new technologies and how to apply them into their everyday work environment.

Regional distributors and customers are encouraged to make full use of their day trip to view the UR Application Showroom and attend one of the seminars and workshops. Engineers and business executives that wish to learn more about robotic technologies are also welcome to sign up.

Parties interested in viewing the UR Application Showroom or attending the Seminars or Workshops are invited to contact their local distributor for further details. For the list of distributors and their contact information, please visit: http://www.universal-robots.com/distributors/

Shermine Gotfredsen, General Manager, APAC, Universal Robots, said, “Local government support is very important in driving the uptake of technology such as industrial robots among companies across many sectors. In this case, Singapore’s government agencies have enabled us to widen the current pool of robot applications as well as encourage enterprises to enhance their processes using robotic automation. As a result, we hope to see more businesses adopting industrial robots in the future.”