Fast Files Backup Using AOMEI Backupper (Review)

AOMEI Backupper is a Windows based hard disk and files backup software.

I found it to be very easy to use, it comes with simple and plain interfaces.
Plain and simple user interface

The software offers 4 major functions.

I.) Backup
II.) Restore
III.) Clone
IV.) Utilities

For this review, the focus will be on backup which consists of 5 sub-categories.

I.1) System Backup - backup all the system files, boot files, and program files only - usually including system partition and boot partition
  • System partition: It is the partition that installs the operating system, applications, and saves your personal files. That is the so-called C Drive. System files require relatively more space. For example, the system files of Windows 7 require at least 8 GB.
  • Boot partition: It is the partition that stores boot files, including boot.ini, ntldr, bcd, winload.exe, etc. Boot files require relatively smaller space, generally less than 200MB.

I.2) Disk Backup - backup the entire hard disk to an image file, this is useful to create a backup image of your external hard disk

If you backup the local hard disk, the image can be used for restoration in case of system crashed.

I.3) Partition Backup - backup your partition (within a hard disk) to an image file

I.4) File Backup - backup the files and folders to an image file

I.5) File Sync - backup folders by file synchronization, no image file created - in other words, this will attempt to clone your files and folder from a source (local hard disk) to a destination (external drive)

This review will focus on the File Sync.

File Sync function

What I did was to backup a big folder (with sub-folders and files) from local hard disk to an external thumb drive connected via USB.

Select the backup source

After done with selecting backup source and target, start the sync process

Options to Cancel and Shutdown PC on completion

62 MB of data took about 3 minutes to complete

I found the speed to be impressive - approximately 62 MB of data (multiple folders and files) took about 3 minutes to complete

The great speed is attributed to the fact that the process is able to identify the differences (between source and target) and perform just the differential sync.

To test this, copy a big folder to the external drive (thumb drive), then make small changes to a single file at the source and then perform the sync, it will only sync that particular file.

File Sync also comes with options for:
  • Include or exclude sub-folders
  • Create schedules
  • On completion, shut down PC
  • Cancel anytime - this is very important in case the process is taking too long and you have to do other things with your PC.

AOMEI Backupper is useful if you have to constantly backup files and folders from local hard disk to external drive manually.

Using the software, not only it will save your time, it will also minimize the risks of mistakes such as accidentally overwriting files from target to source instead of the other way round.

Download the software now: Standard Edition (Free) and Professional Edition (Shareware).

Or visit Free Backup Software.