How to make use of older drivers in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 ?

Automatic driver installation is a feature of Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 - Vendors would publish device drivers as Windows updates.

Nonetheless, sometimes you may want to make use of an older driver version instead of the newer driver automatically downloaded by Windows 10.

The solution is quite simple - go to Device Manager to roll back the driver.

1.1.) Install the older driver by running the older driver's installation file.

1.2.) Go to Device Manager, look for the device under the list.

At this point, the device would still be using the newest driver.

1.3.) Double click on the device to load the Properties' form.

1.4.) Click 'Driver' tab.

1.5.) Click 'Roll Back Driver'.

The Roll Back Driver button will only be enabled if the OS detected the presence of an older driver's version.

1.6.) Restart the PC.

1.7.) Go back to Device Manager to check the device's driver, it should rollback to the older version.