Workstyle Innovation By Ricoh

Aug 23, 2016:

Ricoh Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. today introduced the next generation of business processes defined as Workstyle Innovation, a term originally coined by Ricoh. The new workstyle is said to revolutionise the way businesses, small or large, operate.

The Workstyle Innovation is truly the future of office automation available from Ricoh across the globe, encompassing a number of building blocks focused on key customer technology concerns such as Intelligent Device, Mobility, Business Process, Cloud, Connected Office and Autonomous Support.

Intelligent Device – Ricoh’s core technology MFPs, Printers, and other devices act as a development platform for users to utilise and create limitless applications to meet specific business requirements. Combined with an intuitive user interface and design suite, it can adapt to any workstyle.

  • Mobility – Offers seamless and secure integration with mobile devices, to enable all users access the information they need anytime, anywhere.
  • Business Process – Value-added solutions can be deployed into Ricoh’s devices directly to support business processes. Additionally, customised processes can be created to optimise workflow and enhance workstyle.
  • Cloud – Includes connectivity to the cloud as a standard support to more advanced productivity. It has standard browser technology and a multitude of cloud connectors, enabling complete access to cloud services.
  • Connected Office – Integrates devices together so information delivered in multiple formats, across multiple devices and locations can be shared, accessed and acted upon seamlessly. It enables all devices to be connected in the office using simple device connectors.
  • Autonomous Support – Supports comprehensive remote assistance, as well as onboard video for changing customer environments and key business process by having all devices on and available when needed.

The ever-changing work environment compels businesses to adapt to a workstyle that will help them remain competitive. With the new Workstyle Innovation, businesses can access all their information through a Connected Office concept, linking a series of intelligent input and output devices to perform efficiently.

SMEs and individuals will find this especially beneficial as they can edit, save, store, access data and present their ideas easily anytime, anyplace and anywhere, all the while being on the go. When a suite of Ricoh products are synced using the RICOH Smart Device Connector mobile app, the app acts as a central control to navigate documents at a click of a button.

For a seamless connected workplace experience, the Workstyle Innovation is made possible with the RICOH Smart Device Connector app, Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), Multi Function Printer (MFP) with a Smart Operation Panel (SOP), Ultra Short Throw Projector and supporting solutions.