Commvault : Five Fundamentals of Holistic Data Management

Oct 5, 2016:

Commvault chairman, president and CEO, N. Robert Hammer, opened the company’s inaugural customer conference, Commvault GO 2016, focused on the five fundamentals that enable enterprises to gain a holistic data management strategy.

The need for a holistic data management strategy has been brought on by the move to the cloud, application explosion, increasing demand for security and compliance, and anywhere computing. With data at the center of everything, enterprises now more than ever need the ability to activate data regardless of where it resides.

The five fundamentals are:

1) Know your data – Organizations today need to have control over where data is stored, how secure it is and how available it is for fast recovery, disaster recovery, test/dev, reporting and business analytics. By embracing a rich, broad, dynamic and scalable index, organizations can collect, modify and organize all their information.

2) Federate your data – In today’s data universe, enterprises don’t just have a few data points and silos, they have many and may not know what data they have or where it is located. To federate data is to seamlessly protect, recover, move, find and deliver apps and data spanning different infrastructures, and to also access and use data without having to move it.

3) Mobilize your data – Organizations need to aggregate their data, which currently resides in array of locations – on premise, in the cloud, in virtual environments and on mobile. To successfully mobilize, organizations must be able to back-up data on these devices to prevent data loss and wipe all important data from a device.

4) Govern your data ­– Complying with an increasing number of compliance requirements in regulated industries is today’s reality. By having data federated under one corporate governance capability, organizations can understand what data they have, where it resides and have the ability to put auditable policies on data ensuring compliance.

5) Secure your data ­– In this world of hacks, malware, ransomware and other threats, both internal and external, organizations need to be able to secure their data. A securitization strategy into how data is managed requires authentication of the person who wants to access data, confirmation that the person has access to the right data, and ensures data is secured, encrypted and password protected.

“It’s no secret that the industry and customers across the world are at a tipping point of disruption and face complex questions on how to efficiently deal with an explosion of different types of applications, data and IT infrastructures,” said N. Robert Hammer, chairman, president and CEO of Commvault. “The five fundamentals provide smart advice for organizations to launch a holistic strategy and gain insights and value from their data in disparate environments. Commvault’s Data Platform is focused on solving customer challenges and these are essential guiding points for enterprises to succeed and thrive while facing changing circumstances.”

The Commvault Data Platform Makes It All Possible

Bringing these fundamentals together requires a data platform that empowers organizations to control this data universe to drive value and business insight. This platform-centric approach allows customers to streamline processes and operations, and therefore easily manage their data, and eliminate downtime and workload impact.

Commvault’s Data Platform addresses the five fundamentals of holistic data management to empower customers with a strong foundation to use and create value from their data whether it resides in the cloud, the data center, hybrid environments, or on mobile.

News Corp and City of Oakland Show the Power of Commvault Solutions

In addition to providing insight on how organizations can turn disruption into opportunity, Hammer will also introduce the audience to Commvault customers, News Corp and City of Oakland, who will show how a holistic data management approach allowed them to create value out of their data and achieve improved business and IT outcomes.

Hammer will address an audience of leading industry analysts, customers, experts and notable personalities to kick off Commvault’s first customer conference dedicated to protecting and activating data whether it resides in the cloud, the data center, hybrid environments, or on mobile.

Currently being held at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Fla., Commvault GO 2016 will provide attendees with the opportunity to participate in 45 breakout sessions and hands-on labs, while experiencing an agenda of premier keynote speakers, including Gartner’s Dave Russell, technology evangelist Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s Steve Guggenheimer, Cisco’s Satinder Sethi, ESG’s Steve Duplessie and critical thinker Adam Savage (formerly of Mythbusters).