MyIX Marks 10th Anniversary with Upgrade of Central Node to 100Gbps

Oct 17, 2016 - K.L -

Malaysia Internet Exchange operated by the ‘Persatuan Pengendali Internet Malaysia’ – an initiative under the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission ('MCMC') in conjunction with its 10th anniversary, recently held its 1st Internet Peering Forum, with the watershed event facilitating interaction towards greater co-operation among key Internet, ISP and telco players; in the shared vision of improving the country’s Internet eco-system and state to a leadership position in the ASEAN region.

With Internet traffic traversing through the National Internet Exchange nodes recording a new high point of 170.474 Gbps, industry participants agreed that apart from adoption of new innovative approaches, the needs of the nation must be prioritised together with commercial interests.

MyIX 2016-2017 Executive & Steering Commitee

MyIX Chairman, Chiew Kok Hin said, “If Malaysia is to truly achieve a world-class Internet eco-system and Internet peering hub, MyIX members must increase their cooperative spirit and work together in facilitating an overall more efficient Internet traffic exchange. This was recommended by the panel during discussions and it was heartening to see our members responding positively to the panel’s suggestion.”

The panel during the one-day event comprised of former MCMC Chairman, Dato' Mohamed Sharil Mohamed Tarmizi and TIME dotCom's Commander-in-chief, Afzal Abdul Rahim.

The First Internet Peering Forum saw strong participation from over 130 participants from the country’s leading Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”), content providers, hosting companies, Data Centre operators, Regulator, Universities and leading network vendors. The event presented opportunities for local internet operators to broaden their understanding on key matters of interest while benefitting from discovering new best practices and tools to improve their peering network performance.

Chiew added, “Our first Peering Forum has truly been a success. Not only did we receive strong support and participation from members and the Internet community, we have also achieved a key milestone as MyIX members are accepting the need to work together for the betterment of the peering network and benefit of the nation. Such co-operation will pave the way towards developing a world-class Internet peering network and ultimately provide better Internet service for all Malaysians.”

The Internet Peering Forum also revealed that Malaysia has attained a good regional position in the area of IPV6 deployment, the next generation Internet Protocol by progressing well to the top of the worldwide leaderboard in end-user IPV6 adoption. Malaysia currently ranks ahead of its regional peers including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines; a reflection of the constant effort by Malaysian operators and regulators to promote IPV6 deployment.

MyIX Upgrades Central Node Capacity

MyIX’s 10th Anniversary is also marked by the announcement of the successful and timely completion of the country’s central node capacity from 40Gbps to 100Gbps to meet Internet traffic growth until 2018-2019. With this upgrade, MyIX will also have more 10G ports for members’ utilisation.

For August 2016, Internet data exchanged that transversed (or ‘peered’) over MyIX nodes reached a new high point of 170.474 Gbps – the highest ever recorded in the country’s history. This reflects a year-on-year growth of 57% and Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 56.60% since 2012. Throughout 2016, peak points for each month have exceeded the 100Gbps mark.

The findings above are based on Internet data patterns recorded (up to August 2016) for Internet data that transversed (or ‘peered’) over MyIX’s nodes that directly connects with the country’s major ISPs and content providers. The measurement is based on the highest peak internet traffic recorded on a particular day on a monthly basis.